Green Living


The Royale Springhill Residences is dedicated to have a Green Building Certification by GBCI (Green Building Council Indonesia). We proudly present the oasis of natural luxury in the midst of Jakarta, where enjoying the breeze and smelling the flower's scent in the air are an everyday happenings. Dining under the starry sky and soaking in the cluster of clouds will present the experience of nature neverland.



Complete International-standard facilities, services and utilities. High-capacity telecommunication, fiber optics, clean water, gas and electricity are installed within an integrated underground infrastructure.


  • Air enters the building through the vents located in the north and south service corridor to maintain natural air circulation.
  • Natural ventilations and lighting in every room, creating a bright and airy room, minimizing the use of air conditioners and lamps.

 A sky garden in each tower is provided for resident facilities, which has different themes for each tower. Consisting of 2-level unique facilities in addition to the facilities at the podium, named the Royale Sky Garden, providing luxury amenities for your personal indulgence. Immerse yourself in a book at the library, relaxing at the pool and the spa, fitness center and the cafe, or simply unwind to enjoy stunning views of the golf course, the city and sea.


Plantation is presented in every podium, including on the roof of the club house, the lobby, and the gate security post, while the emergency stairs are sheltered with a canopy covered by climbing plants, producing more O2 (oxygen) thus resulting in freshner and cooler air in the surroundings.


Spacious courtyard (average width of 2 meters), not only does it become a unique amenity the apartment has to offer, but also functions as a sunshade, reducing heat caused by direct sunlight hence reducing air conditioner usage, while providing maximum natural light.


The basement and parking area are equipped with lightwells to allow sunlight coming through from the podium garden, providing a natural lighting, and thus minimizing the necessity for electric lighting.

At the Royale Springhill Residences, we apply the 4R concept (Rethink, Reduce, Recycle and Re-use). Every single drop of water is precious. Water is recycled to irrigate the delicate plants, which dominates the whole area. The air conditioning system is designed to reduce excessive heat, and air pollution.
The electricity is efficiently designed to meet save energy label. Additionally, the construction materials are also environmentally friendly. All are designed to keep the harmony with nature.


Currently in the Process of Certification by Green Building Council Indonesia as The First Green Certified High-Rise Apartment in Indonesia, the Royale Springhill Residences offers unique amenities not found in other residential. From the lushly landscaped gardens on the ground to the welcome tropical garden at the Sky Garden, eco-friendliness is available at every turn. Our signature Sky Garden will certainly become your personal retreat of choice from the hectic routine of metropolitan life. Lounge in the cafe, immerse yourself in a book at the library, a classy gymnasium, hanging clubs and daily spas or simply unwind to stunning views of the golf course, the city and the sea. You can imagine a green housing complex, attractive apartment buildings, remarkable scene, and the clean air located in the center of the city, while you can leisurely walk through a quiet garden exercising your body and soul in outdoor fitness & challenging jogging tracks. This singular green concept will succeed where it matters most: your home.

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